Welcome to the Domus Artium Reserve

Domus Artium Reserve is a private club that celebrates the pinnacle in the world of wine and winemaking. The Reserve pairs a passion for the best in wine alongside the greatest chefs working today and ultimate experiences in the visual, performing and cinematic arts.

Access to the club is by invitation only. Members will have access to legendary enologists to formulate and craft their own personal wines in France and Italy. The Reserve will offer exclusive experiences, dinners, hospitality, tours and trips, and access to the greatest wineries and wine experts worldwide.

Our Wines

To register interest in an allocation of our exclusive Thomas Keller x Michael Rolland wine from Bordeaux, or for the “Four Hands”,  made by Riccardo Cotarella and Michel Rolland, please use the button below.

The Reserve

Designed to offer a small number of enthusiasts the privileges associated with owning their own vineyards and winery, Members have the opportunity to make and blend their own wines alongside the Reserve’s illustrious winemaking team led by Michel Rolland and Riccardo Cotarella. Whether it is a classic Supertuscan or a Bordeaux blend, the Reserve makes available to its members the best Italian and French grapes sourced by our winemaking team and produced at one of our state-of-the-art winemaking partners.

Members will have the opportunity to consult with the Reserve’s team of award-winning enologists to craft and blend their own wines featuring their personally-designed labels. In addition to the Reserve’s focus on winemaking, the Reserve’s Clubhouses will serve as a gathering place where members can stay in the Reserve’s luxurious accommodations as well as attend Domus Artium Reserve concerts, exhibitions, dinners and gala events organized throughout the year.

From time to time, the Reserve’s wine experts, writers and critics will lead tours to the world’s most important wine regions with a first focus on France and Italy. These trips and tours will give personal access to wine estates and chateaux and the families that own them where day to day public access is strictly limited.

When planning their own wines crafted by the Reserve, members will have the possibility to visit and stay at our Reserve Clubhouses, and visit our Winemaking Partners.

Our Experts