Winery and Vineyards

Italian Tradition

The Domus Artium Reserve winery is a magnificent building housed in the ancient cellar of Cosimo Ridolfi. It was already considered a state of-the-art structure when it was built 150 years ago, with a running water system which allowed temperature control during the winemaking process.

The wineries have recently been completely renovated and equipped with the most modern and innovative winemaking facilities which allow the most cutting edge techniques, whilst still preserving the ancient tradition. 

The Vineyards

Of the almost 400 hectares of the grounds, about 30 are currently planted with vines and in production. Our vineyards, aged between twenty and fifty years, extend from the plain of the Arno to more than 250 m above sea level.  The nuances in our wines stem from the varied positioning, altitude, and soil composition of the grape vines.

Our vineyards at Domus Artium Reserve, feature both Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which form the integral pillars of our winemaking process. The Cabernet grapes were imported by the Medici more than 300 years ago under the name of Uva Francesca, from France.

The Barrel Room

The ancient barrel cellar, with its exposed brick vaults, is the place where the wine has always been aged and refined. The winery use barriques and large barrels of French Slavonian oak. 

In addition to the classic use of French oak barrels,  the winery is discovering the rebirth of the use of ancient Etruscan and Roman winemaking  techniques with the use of terracotta Amphorae. 

This type of refinement is a tribute to the past as well as to Tuscany, where they are produced. 

Production Cycle

From the very beginning, the winery was built on several levels to enable the gravity-fed production systems in place. Our grapes are harvested by hand, in small boxes of 15 kg each. After a careful manual selection, they are transferred to the fermentation tanks.

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