Palazzo Ruspoli

In the heart of the historic center of Rome, less than a minute’s walk from the Spanish Steps and between the luxury brands of Via Condotti and Via del Corso, stands the Residenza Ruspoli Bonaparte.

This historic 16th century palace, where the young Emperor Bonaparte resided together with his mother Ortensia of Beauharnais, Queen of Holland, is made up of four exclusive suites, positioned at the bottom of a splendid staircase, adorned with statues depicting important historical figures.

Palazzo Ducale Di Gallese

Located in the ancient Faliscan territory of upper Lazio, the ancient fortress of Gallese has been a coveted possession of the most important Roman noble families since the Middle Ages.

Renovated in the Renaissance by Pope Alexander VI, the castle then became the property of the Altemps family who transformed it into the current palace.The majestic entrance staircase designed by Vignola leads to the loggia and to the internal halls where a collection of priceless statues, plaster casts and ancient marbles is kept.

In the nineteenth century the palace passed into the hands of the Hardouin family of Gallese who still own it today.